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Dietitian-Led Digital Nutrition Support

Elerio Dietitians help people improve their weight & health conditions through telehealth videocall consultations & personalised meal planning, accessible through the Elerio App

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Improve your weight, heart health, blood sugars, gut health & more

Nutrition for health


Convenient telehealth consultations with Elerio Dietitians 


Meal planning, recipes, expert advice, practical tips and personalisation

Elerio Principal Dietitian

Mike O'Sullivan has a strong background in dissability care, public health, aged care, corporate wellness, and fitness. Before entering into nutrition & exercise services, he worked in the science field with top biotech companies, where he developed a strong understanding of biology, physiology, and biochemistry.

Mike's approach is all about clear, practical, evidence-based advice. He's great at breaking down the complex science of nutrition into easy-to-understand tips. When you work with Mike, you don't just learn what to do for your diet; you also understand why it works and how it benefits your health.

The Elerio App

Through our innovative technologies we are able to give more dietitian support and tool than others to help you achieve your health goals.

You can access the app through your desktop or through your phone

To access dietitian support from Mike and others using the Elerio app please fill out form and we will contact you to set everything up.

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About App

Access dietitians & nutritionists through the Elerio App. 

We know that support with nutrition needs to be more than just consultations every few week; you need support throughout your journey.


Get nutrition expertise to help with weight and other nutrition related health conditions from dietitians on the elerio App and get more support, accessible any time. 

Healthy Starts Here



We get in touch with you

We will contact you to book in your first dietitian telehealth appointment and provide details on downloading and login into the Elerio app


Using the Elerio desktop or mobile app - login to access telehealth initial dietitian consultation


Receive your advice & personalised meal plan designed by your Elerio Dietitian


Have ongoing telehealth videocall review support from your Elerio Dietitian 

In-app extra support


Exclusive nutrition articles

Dietary instruction guides & FAQs

Messaging support

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Access to dietitian support conveniently

View and download meal plans, recipes, shopping list and advice

Your Elerio Dietitian can help you stay on track and make any changes needed to help you achieve your goals

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